art or life

digital painting BUTTERFLY IN THE PLASTER by Tomas Karkalas

The picture is the picture, yet the title ARTWORK enables us to include the wisest, the most challenging ideas in the image, to name a sheet of paper as the visual thoughts.
On the other hand, the fine arts deal with the great discoveries. For example, I named the above picture the Butterfly in the Plaster.
Yes, it is impossible to imagine such thing, but Butterfly in the Plaster isn't a fantasy - it's me. The interaction of the disabler with his environment portrays the butterfly in the plaster. He is my nickname.
Yes I am able to play, and I am playing. But such confession does not embellish the portrait of the aged who wish to look a wise man. What to do?

"There's no beauty that you could perceive or create if it were not already within you." ~ Peter Shepherd

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