the cost of wisdom

While I was searching for the appropriate words to put down my insights, my smile unexpectedly left my face. Thus the cost of a wish to talk wisely was high, yet I have grasped once again that it's possible either to love, or to talk about the love. I could either enjoy my presence here and now, or involve in creation of the attractive musings. Thus I questioned myself, though it's obvious that two and two make four, yet was it worthy to miss lots of awesome pictures the unnoticed by trying to produce some wise sounds? So I understood the cost of the smile.
The thundering silence has many faces. Just look at the revelation of the dayfly.
I would greatly appreciate your constructive feedback. Thank you.


Sandee said...

I know so little about art. I love the abstract art you do. I love all the colors, but I probably don't understand much of what you truly mean. I wish I did though.

Have a terrific day. :)

Lucy Lopez said...

Hi Thomas, I find your art truly beautiful. And, equally beautiful, your choice of silence over words...

Yours is one blog I will definitely want to keep track of!

Thank you! Lucy

Melissa aka Equidae said...

the meaning of your art is more for you than us. why? coz everyopne sees his perspective so your interpretation will most prob be different to mine and yet art is still beautiful in all its guises