Photo of Sleepy Spring or Two Thoughts On Tuesday

Photo of Sleepy Spring confirms the power of thoughts to create the traps of the interpretations. While viewing the picture, it is possible either to rejoice over the thaw (the spring finally came)or to fall into despair (where is the path?)

while the photography raises the questions, our responses share the light. I'm eagerly looking forward to your comments. Speak your mind. Thank you.

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Liggy said...

I am still trying to figure that picture out...I can see the reflection of a window pane in it. But the angle at which this photo was taken is just soooooo unique!!! It's like a thought-provoking question but in the form of a picture. Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

Tomas -

Love your work. You have the ability to create such atmosphere from simple scenes.


Bud aka Older Eyes

Cacai M. said...

Hemmm.. I would like to let go of the thawing and enjoy the coming spring! :-) I hope there's no big damages caused by winter snow there.. :-) ~hugs~

My Two Thoughts On (this) Tuesday

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