last overview

While in hospital, I was blessed with perfect time to browse the archives, to overview my life. Thus mine hospitalization for a month will affect my whole furthe life. It may be I will post less, yet the light should shine clearer.


Diff.Thinkr said...

Those pictures over the past few posts have a real charm to them..........

Guest said...

Great masterpieces. I love your passion and art! So interesting and lovely!
He..He..Love the vibrant colour and style here!
I agree with you, the light should shine clearer!

Yoon see said...

You are welcome friend! The guest is me Yoon See.
I will come back to comment more often.
Thanks for lovely words.
Sorry, I got to go out now. See you again tomorrow!

roxanne quinit said...

Awesome masterpiece. You're stay in the hospital wasn't a waste of time. God Bless you.