hiding place of fairy tales

I want to share the hiding place of the fairy tales. So have a look.

While we all are in search of happiness, the location of our dreams gives us a good shake.
What does make the above look attractively? What do you think? Why the goodness typically choose such places to indwell?

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Wolfbernz said...

If you get a chance stop by and leave a comment on BlogDumps blog so everyone knows you are playing!

Clicks for you!

Gary Eby said...

Wow. You know about the power of walking in the Light. Your images are beautiful and healing. Thanks you so much for you comments on my blogs and for visiting my HUB about cruising. May we continue to be travelers. Namaste.

roxanne quinit said...

That's the art of photography and photoshop. Amazing images.

Comedy Plus said...

I'm not very good at figuring out art. I'm too logic they say. My professor in college said I was too logical. That's probably true. Your piece is pretty, but it doesn't speak to me at all.

Have a terrific day Tomas. :)

http://grace1331.blogspot.com said...

As I am looking at your painting, I just realize that I don't have the eye of a painter. I'm sad because I know I miss that wonderful thing.
Anyway, thanks for purchasing EC ad from me. :)