Wall of partition or the Stone Mirror

The gateway to the hospital for the people with psychiatric disorders divides apart the wall you see below.  Thus what will be discovered by you in the photo  would depend solely on  your sense of direction. Two pictures came in result. You can either turn away from that cracky picture, or  sit back in awe towards the magic  of tiny leaves to decorate the image of people who were locked here ... for life ...I say so, because once recognized as mentally ill can just to wander around their yard, but have no hope to re-enter the life on the outside.

The above Stone Mirror talks in guessworks. Just listen to the photo. A story of the cracked wall silences, yet bright color of the leaves giifts the hope, and thus enables me to address you again. My dear, the picture I was talking  about depicted ... my current personal location.
So, while talking about the Stone Mirror, I was looking at the portrait of myself... Wish to live is the hardest thing to do - your support could change that situation, yet have I the right to ask for the help?

It may be the last time I will push the button "publish" now, yet the arxhives will remain ...Feel free yourself to browse them, to examin my online art galleries ...
the end of art by Tomas

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Alexander M Zoltai said...

I certainly hope you continue publishing!

You are a Great Inspiration!!

John Folk-Williams said...

Your work is profoundly beautiful and inspiring - I do hope this is not the "end of art by Tomas."

All my best wishes to you for wholeness and wellbeing.


Mala Mustatea said...

I discovered now your art ! It's a real surprise for me !Your mauve tones and blue shapes make me to think about that Impressionism so dear to my soul !
Well done and ...excellent expressions !