My harvest

The picture starts almost each my post. The artworks differ between in size and technique. Thus  visual impression vary from post to post too, and ultimately my  all six blogs (my all on line art galleries) not duplicate one other, but give a  sense of the fresh approach towards "to be or not to be" each time anew. Have a look at the photo below.

Exotic views attract, catch the viewers and thus promote the tourism. At first glance, my photos  have nothing to offer to the lovers of old castles, yet their are no less wondrous: the images deal not with the shapes of my surrounding, but the essence of human being here and now. It would be hard to define the geographical location of my pictures, yet there is the light that that pierces us everywhere alike. So to speak, my pictures call to enter into the world beyond the canvas- to respond to one's own heart.

The dreamer, who address you now, lives in the picture on above. There are no noisy running, but firm trust in a miracle. The mailman will knock on the door one day and your support will enable these virtual images to receive the tangible shapes of the recognition of oneself in others. While viewing my archives I humbly bow to the omnipotence of the Divine Spirit, who indwell in each of us and makes the beggars the real giants.

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