how art therapy could burst into blossom

It's snowing now. Everything look nice outside, yet the drivers do not think that's fine in spite all attempts of the snowflake to sat the people back into an awe towards the eloquence of the astounding whiteness.
As I looked around once again, the light was discovered only above my sick-bed.  The dark window gazed at me and there were no secret in that: it was night, the time when the toys awake in the fiery tales and the art therapy burst into blossom

Wow! I vision  the magical transformation of  my "no cash" into the ability to purchase the new paintbrush due to your click on my donate button ...

The sickness  opened my heart, the poverty enabled me to see the beauty.... I'm lacking just a pen.
Dear readers, your click on donate button may help me to cover up my everyday living with the gratitude and love.Please help me.

Thank you for the help to forget my current helplessness due my disability.

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