unexpected recovery

I was sick - felt myself very sick at a moment I heard that the words we speak have power to heal. Yet the hot 'Wow!' came out as out of itself then. I jumped out of my bed and immediately turned on the TV.
Unfortunately, the news were...I just fear to pronounce that word. Thus only the sorrowful Oooops.... managed to come out . If the words we say heal us indeed, then how to explain the destructive to smile impact of the public speeches? Why?

I went out, yet wandered around only a second. I saw a man, who dig the snow for our walk could be more comfortable. He didn't complain for the life injustices, but dig.
Then I saw the children who were involved in the passionate snowball fight. I...I just have no strength to mourn further. Thus I bought the red-red rouse and gifted the flower to old lady who was moving by me at a moment.
Hot thank you for her presence among us came out of itself. The woman dint understood any, but we both bloomed with smile.
The words we say heal us indeed. The above look so simple, yet there is a hook. We need to smile but not to think about what profit will be produced by such activity. We are healed by the purity of the smile.
This story was not a fiction. I can swear by all gods for each word was the truth . This story reports what was learned by me from my Life History studies.

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