deep autumn in the summer time

It is common to think that painting has a story that is worthy the sharing. Let's see.

When was my wish to understand my surroundings changed to the attempts to be understood rightly by next to me? How did it come that opposite conceptions "colored up" and "spotted surface" define the same picture?
That's why I love the fine arts. When my paintbrush raises up the questions, the wonder determines consciousness.  Then I start to look at my dull being as the life challenge - something meaningful indeed.
So the artwork got the title. It is the deep autumn in the summer time. I found this picture in my archives and edited it a bit. Now it looks like totally new creation. Wow, it would be wonderful in case I could  change my life likewise easily...


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, it's a beautiful painting indeed, very colorful brush strokes. The title is somewhat intriguing. It seems to describe the feeling of a person in a different surrounding, that although it is still summer time connoting the acme point of life, yet the painter feels the deep inroads of autumn in his heart and soul. There is a sense of pathos in the title, showing a deep pain in the heart and soul of the painter. Thanks for the post and the magnificent painting. God bless you always.

BK said...

Changing our life may not be as easy as what you did to your painting and yet sometimes our life can change in an instant when the change start from within ourselves.

Holly Freeburg said...

that's gorgeous