survey of my creative work

At a glimpse the archives point to past, yet old pictures amaze with their mastery to report the current affairs in detail - better than today's papers. The survey of my creative work  enables me to conclude

while talking about the light  that fills us all and illuminates the path to us all, the artists are used to point to their own canvases only.
The above makes clear why there are much more people on a beach than in the art showroom.
Eloquent poetry and the unforgettable quotes overfill our diaries. We produce lots of worthy pondering statements, yet what matters indeed is only our dialog (communication)- the joy to free ourselves from seeing potential customers in next to us. The above might look like a call to reject the logic, yet it is only way to catch the sunbeam . The archives testify for the above, explain my choice - Thank You!

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Julieanne said...

Hi Tomas :)

Great to see this blog. I have only visited your artbytomas blog before. I love experiencing your creativity. Blessed to know you :)

Much Love