Best picture

Can art related blog come without any artwork?
As I tried to visualize the above, I just sat back in an awe towards the best picture I ever had seen.  It testified for the creator's remaining  alive:  "no art" symbolized  the artist's still  unspent possibility to take his paintbrush to look at self and thus to address the world once again.

These thoughts were raised up  by the picture that I put on my blog Art Mirror. Have a look at "is it me?"
Hope you will share your insights with me too. 

So what does the creative work mean? Is it a product of our hands or the being alive? A way we communicate, interact with each other.In case such questions belong to the abstracts, then what does a word nightmare mean? Are we overcome by the outward appearance of the things we face or still are capable to taste and appreciate a sip of fresh air?
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