entrance to wonderland

The entrance to the wonderland frequently disguises as the broken window. So it is easy to turn away the eyes and thus to miss an opportunity to meet the miracle - to visit art therapy world.

While talking about people with the disabilities, there are little what to rejoice. Life of patients with the psychiatric disorders looks especially hard, yet do not hurry to judge. Please visit Modus Vivendi...art therapy club where love guards and guides the paintbrush holders - that's the wonderland, the miracle I wish to share with you.
In the light of above, my painting may look too pale. At first glimpse. Yet I hope you will understand me rightly. I choose this picture as an entrance - I wished to say, not the flat surfaces of our handicrafts but the way we communicate is worthy pondering deeper. That is what is waiting for us on beyond the pictures we enjoy.
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mamzellemoustaki said...

I love your silence in the paintings. thanks for sharing your work

UncleMike said...

Love this one. Says so much to those who look through broken windows so much. Thanks.