master-key to art according to Tomas Karkalas

At return home, I suddenly stopped and took this shot.
It was hidden in my archives till now, when I got the invitation to join Top Sites Tuesday on BlogDumps.com. The loveliest memories of prior meetings on this Social Blog Community helped me to grasp my current emotions, to understand why did I take my camera then . I reminded your comments and thus was enabled to see the image on my sketchbook as the master-key to discovery of oneself.
I took this photography on my backyard, yet it depicts not the entrance to my home but the ability to see the life.
Art consists not of making original compositions but the way we look at our being here and now. Therefore each photography witnesses our discovery of ourselves - Thank you, dear BlogDumps.

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Cperz said...

Hi Tomas,

What a lovely photo. Serene

I am always so envious of photographers that have an artist's eye. I can't ever see those types of shots...never.

Here's a click for you.

Anonymous said...

Or, as Proust said ... The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscape but having new eyes. Your photos give me new eyes.


Wolfbernz said...

Hi Tomas

Thank you for the kind words about BlogDumps. It is always nice to stop by and see your photos they are wonderful. Happy Tuesday and have a great week ahead :)


Trina said...

Great photo as always!

So nice to see you back on Top Sites Tuesday :)