painting without paintbrush

earth remembers everything-2011 digital painting by Tomas Karkalas
Is it possible to paint without the paintbrush?
See for yourself. By the way, this image looks the best in its origin size (80x60cm)
My painting didn't portray any separate sculpture but talks about the the whole sculpture park. So its viewing should be based not on examination of the separate strokes but on seeking the traces of Klaipėda's history..  So please open your eyes widely for the inner light could help you to break through the ambiguity of these shapes.
Hope you will have the adventurous journey and I will receive lots of your constructive comments.

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Richard Klekociuk said...

One never needs a brush to paint, but having a sense of adventure is essential. This painting reveals many adventures and is quite stimulating.
You have challenged us once again Tomas to reveal the sories within your art. Well done!

bbtoo said...

Wow nice painting.