in disguise as the fine arts

This is my last digital painting "in disguise as the fine arts". This is the image that looks at me from my easel now. The  title of the picture reflects the truth: while viewing of the artworks do not  provide for living,  the process of painting supports me greatly : the creativity puts the dreams into the daily encounters and thus enables me to endure - to remain the faithful. Welcome to art shelter of Tomas Karkalas.

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Anonymous said...

Tomas -

I know exactly what you mean. I do a lot of technical writing to feed my family but the writing I do on Older Eyes feeds my soul. It's good to have you back ... I always enjoy your digital paintings.


Trina said...

What a beautiful picture as always! I like that everytime I look at it I can see something totally different in the lines and colors and shading.


Wolfbernz said...

Cool Digital Painting this week Tomas!
Thanks for sharing

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Lette's Haven said...

What a masterpiece!!! It's like a tower from my perspective...

Lette's Haven http://letteshaven.blogspot.com