Farewell to Artist

Farewell to Artist 2011 Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania
Each time I turn on my computer, something appears on its screen. The pictorial digital diary was collected such way till now. The huge archives enabled me to see myself as the artist and... I didn't resist that sweet  temptation- my meditations in color were presented as the artworks to you,  yet were they such? Have I the right to name my visual musing the exponent of the Fine Arts? Lets return to the picture. If you recognize a stone in it, the image would become the landscape of the sculpture park... and the earth TALKS loudly there. The visitors needs just to wish to listen.... that's good until we try to embezzle the heavenly message by naming it as some personal creation...If you will recognize the sculpture park in the piece above, you will prove not my artistry but your personal creativity.  Tomas Karkalas would be glad to bow to you.  In the light of all mentioned above, I titled that piece Farewell to Artist.

I would like to end this post with more joyful note. Let me invite you to the blog Daily Inspiration. I want to bow to Harley King for so wonderful explanation of the true meaning of my shadows. Hope you will enjoy them too. Thank you, dear King

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Richard Klekociuk said...

This painting is full of mystery Tomas, and beckons the viewer to stay awhile and meditate on its content. You have succeeded!

Trina said...

I didn't see the stone, but right away I saw a turtle peeking it's head out of a sea of beauty!

Wonderful as always!

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Tomas

I sit and look at this weeks painting and I can see different things but the thing I see the most is a super hero in a space suit.


Anonymous said...

If I get your point, Tomas, it's that all art starts with nature and not with the "artist." But as you know, the artists allows the rest of us to see that nature through different eyes. You always do that and you are, therefore, the artist.


Retroman said...

Once again, you have brought forth a powerful and personal statement that is art. It is NOT a simple transcription of some photographic "reality." And so I must disagree with the title "Farewell to Artist." It would be more appropriate to name this picture "Introduction to the Artist."

If it is true that all ideas and themes come from the Divine, from the force that creates the Universe, and that the Divine gives them to us, then we are the "channels" through which these ideas and themes flow onto paper and canvas.

We as artists must add our part to these ideas and themes. And the part that we add to our pictures, the part that IS our originality, is ourselves: our life experiences, our feelings, our choices. Without us acting as channels, the ideas and themes would remain purely within our minds and we could never communicate them to others.

But we do. And the viewers of our pictures add their creativity as well, which is them and the way they see our pictures and what is in them. But first we must do our part.

I feel it would be a serious loss for you to stop being an artist. That is what you do: you are an artist who channels ideas and themes, and creates beauty from them in your pictures. Please continue your important work. Remember: only YOU can create your pictures -- no one else can!

This picture (to me) shows a simple yet beautiful truth: it is a portrait of a person who might be from any time or place in history, who might be anyone .... but who that person is, is NOT communicated by his/her face, by how he or she looks. The clearest sign in this picture is the person's heart, and it is through this heart that we get to know this person, and see who they truly are. Everything focuses at the heart.

Thank you for this simple, yet beautiful picture, which feels like your profound gift to us.