arts and crafts comforter

My diary serves me like the rescue party because while thinking about you, I look for something positive to share with you. So I named this digital painting art and crafts comforter.
That's not a joke. While writing, I'm thinking about the eternal values and do not bother for my personal inability to participate in the shows anywhere just because of the cost of the artistic materials (for example, the framing of the pictures costs more than my disability pension)...
While blogging I didn't complain of my finances but look for the meaning of my being here and now.. Is that not a relief?
It's much more beneficial to welcome all (even the unknown passersby) and enjoy the fellowship than  to enjoy the headlines in the solitude
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Wolfbernz said...

I see a frozen waterfall behind the gates. Great piece!


Trina said...

Yet another beautifully done work of art. I always enjoy your use of soft colors that seem to flow well together.


Anonymous said...

More than like, I love the picture.