confrontation with oneself on art by Tomas

Being younger than humanity enabled me to stay in constant wonder - filled me up with an awe. Such way the gratitude dissipated the shadows for the light could be discovered (recognized)  in order the tears could dry up and art by Tomas would come into being. When this digital art was titled as confrontation with myself, I  became ready to submit my diary to BlogDumps. Memory wakens up the metaphors  and enables this abstract to welcome Top Sites Tuesday.

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Richard Klekociuk said...

Something different, Tomas, that has me thinking and challenging myself. I love the use of bisecting lines.

hking said...

Powerful image that impacts the mind and heart.

Mike said...

I see the conflict, I feel the stress. I see how the light shines in in the darkest times. Great image Tomas, your comments make the pictures come alive tome. Something for me tothink about today. Thank you my friend.

Wolfbernz said...

I have to agree. I can see the stress in this one too.
But it is very good, thanks for sharing it and being a part of the BlogDumps community.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Tomas -

As always, I love your art, although I can't always see the connection between your title and the piece. This seems darker than most of your work, not so much in color but in texture and feeling. I suppose there's darkness in all of our confrontations with ourselves, which is unfortunate.