my lovely yellow survivor

The photo introduces my little yellow fellow. I'm even glad to identify myself with this little flower.  We both are alike- we both are growing without any gardening. The  yellow   taraxacum is free from fear to be cut by  the florist....We both experience the alike destiny. That's the freedom to stay green- Yellow survivor is Tomas Karkalas signature... or maybe the silent path fits better than above photo to express confrontation of emotions with the reality I'm facing? What do you think? What artwork would you choose?

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Wolfbernz said...

Hi Tomas,

I like Yellow Survivor. In this world today it's the survivors who make it - those who are strong and have the will to continue no matter what. Nice post!


Trina said...

It's neat how something so simple can bring such joy. The Yellow Survivor has beauty and survives uncut and unmanaged, of it's own free will.

Happy Tuesday!

reyapot said...

nice.. i love this one..

i hope you can visit my blogs too! see u!