the lonely trunk viewed by Tomas Karkalas 2012

Though it is easy to talk about the wisdom of being true to oneself,  that is the hardest thing to do. Just Have a look at the picture. The lonely trunk was made while my Klaipeda celebrated 760 anniversaries. Did the wisdom of the ages explain today's noise?
Only Inspiring Quotes of The Day enable me to continue...

I do not strive to write the definition of transformational art, just enjoy their ability to hide all complaints by transforming them into eye-opening awe. Is that not a miracle?

I bow down to art therapy that teaches how to discover the beauty in outwardly so weak human flesh.
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Richard Klekociuk said...

Great to see you back, Tomas! You and your art have been missed!

Art of RetroCollage said...

Your question: " Is the above not a miracle?" To which the answer is "Absolutely a double miracle: both the painting and its subject, the lonely trunk."

Like all of your work, this painting shows us marvelous possibilities of sight that we might otherwise overlook. Thank you for this and your many other paintings. Please continue to follow and share your painted odyssey!

UncleMike said...

Tomas, it's good to see you are well, and still painting. A fine painting it is, the trunk and what seems to be a concrete barrier, a conflict of nature and man? Stay well my friend, you have been missed.

Janet Gardner said...

I just realized your new paintings, silly me. These are incredible and I agree with Art of RetroCollage, you do show us sights we might not see. Beautifully done and I'm happy to see that your still painting and sharing.
Janet :)