art security measures

The world sparkles with various celebrations. The inner peace enables me to participate in the sharing of the smile too. It looks as if everything is OK, yet my empty purse forces me to look around more attentively...
So let's examine the picture below together.

art security measures, 2012 canvas 60x65cm Tomas Karkalas
Do you notice that our dreams may be described by any accidental quote, by something we are reading for a moment?
In my case that happened exactly so when I read "Thanks for stopping by grab a chair and let's share some coffee" ...
Your comments will test my artworks, their power to objectify the dreams. Your feedback will show either my failure or  the ability to personify in the drawings . My success depends on your choice. That's the art therapy.


Mike said...

Love the new piece, I like how we can see both the painter and the painting. A unique perspective, perhaps from windows past?

Art of RetroCollage said...

This image seems to speak of the child-artist within each of us. A beautiful evocation. & yet, also, the title contributes a portion of meaning as well.

The superficial meaning in the title might seem to refer to a state of fear or uncertainty; but it might also indicate calm & self-assurance. Perhaps the title indicates a measure of how secure the child-artist is, how strong & settled she is.

masterymistery said...

Love your work. Highly evocative and full of intensity --- just the way I like it.

Our work is similar in some ways: Check out my art blog, if you feel like it, a sight for saw eyes

masterymistery at
cosmic rapture

Anonymous said...

The perspective you were trying to achieve was well put out.
It's indeed a great painting.