Hello Journey

digital painting My Street by Tomas Karkalas 2011

I have read the  quote, by Paul Tillich:  "The first duty of love is to listen." And immediately  started the comments, begun to write. Thus the picture a lone wolf appeared. You see the close-up at the log which was a tree in my yard once upon a time..
digital painting a lone wolf  by Tomas Karkalas

When I‘m approaching a computer, I always visualize my inbox ful with your letters to me. That picture looks gorgeously indeed, therefore the practice is so painful. My click opened not a list of the emails from you but the polite announcement of Microsoft Word:  „Woohoo! You've read all the messages in your inbox“. In other words, there were nothing new except the empty screen.  
The drastic „Why???“ pops out each time I come to the computer. No. I do not complain,- the story reveals the background of the picture on above. There are no new messages means nobody cares for me... for us. It is the portrait of our relationships.

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Sandee said...

I love that first shot very much. Very much.

Have a terrific day. :)

Cperz said...

I love the street view. Just beautiful. The log is interesting as well. I find pictures of unusual variations of nature are always interesting. Hope you are having a wonderful day today.

Mike said...

Not many send e-mails, all posting on the social boards. In a way, it's sad, but it is progress. As e-mail was the end of letter writing, the social boards replace the e-mail. the more new ways we have to communicate, the less we communicate.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Tomas -

It's good to have you back on Top Sites Tuesday. I missed seeing your work each week and I don't seem to be disciplined enough to come back regularly on my own. I'll try to do better because I love your work.


Anonymous said...

Tomas -

It's good to have you back on TST so that I can see your work regularly. Yes, I know I coul come by onmy own and I'll try to do so but a reminder each week helps. Love your work.


Tim Kavi said...

Yes, there is a longing for communication in this connected but 'disconnected' world. However, there are still those special friends who even if they can only occasionally contact us--in those contacts we relish every word, for precious words, spoken in genuine dialogue as one called alongside the Other, still have the graceful appearing of I and Thou. ~TK

Alicia M B Ballard StudioGaleria said...

Thank you so much for your kind words...
I can see your spirit is reflected in your works, gentle soft, comfortsble, inobtrussive.
Hope your health continues to improve and you keep on being able to express yourself to satisfaction.
Warm regards
Alicia M B BAllard

Art of RetroCollage said...

I love this latest painting of yours. It is filled with a fine melancholy & beautiful in its simplicity.

You must not be discouraged because there aren't many messages in your inbox. That should NEVER tell you how much your pictures are worth. In fact, your pictures are infinitely valuable, & you must continue to make them.

Anonymous said...

I do so love this....