Last Word

The day was nice and such were my plans, yet everything have changed suddenly and irrecoverably. I was hit by the bicycle from the back.. in other words, though I can move my fingers, yet that's all for what my hands fit at the moment. While I was going to share my new artworks with you, all I can to do is just to invite you to visit my archives now.
In the light of the above, my picture Last Word obtains some prophetical meaning,- great symbols revive in the picture. I don't know how long my recovery will take, yet it helped me greatly already now. I was forced to answer to myself, what were my goals? What did I rejoiced at?

Happy Easter, dear friends!


Steve Borgman said...

This is a beautiful picture. Thomas, thanks for sharing your art and the beauty of life with us. I hope you recover well.

Dorothy said...

So often it's appropriate to loose yourself in color and art if only for a moment just lovely and so rejuvenating.

Dorothy from grammology

AP Mommy said...

Beautiful shot.