fabulous cookery

Some prefer sugar to salt, some otherwise, yet all people love the delicious food likewise. The last feature gives hope for the reality of peace to the world by gathering around the same table, yet is it possible to cook anything that should take a shine to all likewise?

It was so good to grasp such project wasn't just a fantasy. There is the magical ingredient that makes the fantastic fiesta possible indeed. It's love. Love enables the miracle to happen in our pale day to day life.
While one prefer sugar to salt and other does otherwise, all people rejoice over what was served with love likewise. It's love that creates the magical taste which as comforts, as inspires all of us by liberating people from their flesh limitations. Love enables us to discover ourselves in the spiritual realm. God knocks on the heart of each of us.
The flowers differ in colors greatly, yet each and all blossoms inspire the same Wow!
We all differ in taste, yet each of us rejoices over a sip of fresh air the same despite all differences in the emotions of the expression. Personally I reminded my post Lithuanian Food now. I hope you will enjoy this post too.

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