transmutations of fortune

Making the resolution to not complain improves personal vocabulary greatly, thus my daily visits to the doctor obtains some beauty. My curious smile in the hospital looks mysterious indeed. Just think. Though my health state put me into the ranks of the jobless and I taste the life of the dependent disabled more than 20 years already, I am talking about the omnipotence of God's spirit who indwells in each of us and therefore believe in our possibility to come into a hug.
Faith works the miracles. Life without the strangers looks so attractively. We uncover just incredible riches inside ourselves that make us feel responsible for what was entrusted to us for a free and thus we become fired with only one desire to share the light we see.


Alexander M Zoltai said...

What an absolutely Joyous image!!!

~ Alex from Our Evolution

heathered handmade said...

this is beautiful. i love how it interacts (literally) with the viewer's eyes.

madz said...

very positive :)

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Ana said...

Indeed. Such acceptance in truth in the light you encounter and we all share.