delivery price of my dreams reveal place of the memory

The below photo story puts everything plainly There is a little to add.

the colors of my window are in constant change. Though the darkness comes each day,  yet the light don't leave my page - each day I receive your emails that fill my heart with gratitude for remaining alive and give a meaning to my blog Art by Tomas. The delivery price of my dreams reveal the place of the memory - enables me to forget the strict restrictions of  my walk as the sick for life and to move forward.
Looking at the light creates the miracle that I am happy to share with you.
Thank you.


www.michaelbauzon.com said...

Hello! you have a very nice website and fine works of art! Can I put your link to my friends' list so I could visit you more? god bless, michael

Tomas said...

dear michael,
Thank you for the wonderful feedback.
I too have put your link to my blog for my visitors could become our mutual friends.

santoshi said...

thanks for your lovely comment on my blog http://black2dart.blogspot.com You had requested for a link exchange, I have added your site in my favourites. Thank you.