a girl in the life-saving bubble

Once upon a time there were rivers where the water was the transparent... Currently the swimming became dangerous to health and thus the forbidden activity, but the way out was found- the girl in the life-saving bubble witnesses the passion of joy to remain alive despite all warnings of the environment control. You can watch that for yourself on the photo below.

I was tagged by Sashindoubutsu to list down 6 things that make me happy. The above photo story is my reply. Happiness ought to be shared. That's art by Tomas where the irony bursts into blossom

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Wolfbernz said...

What a cool photo!
Leave it to the children to find a way to have fun despite the warnings.
Thanks for joining in the fun on BlogDumps!


Lynda Lehmann said...

What a wonderful capture! I would like to do that on a river!

Comedy Plus said...

What a great thing that makes you happy. Delightful.

Have a terrific day Tomas. :)

nyegik said...

i think is so funny in there my friends

A.J. said...

Thank you for sharing your happiness.

roxanne quinit said...

Thanks for sharing your happiness, I wanna share mine too. My happiness is being in the presence of my God. God bless you Mr Tomas!

Stay at Home Blessings said...

That's a wonderful picture of the girl inside the bubble...a great idea, too. Maybe we should have that, good for having fun and protection when walking in flooded areas.

Roxanne said...

I wish I could have a chance to be in that bubble. It could be fun.

ruee said...

i really wanna be there!!
if i see this picture, i wanna come back to my childhood.
miss it. :)