old photo

Old photo perfectly depicts my mood today. How is this?
Cost of living allowance force the Love to retreat to bookshelf. Thus the smile hides in wise quotes in  these troubled times. However the situation is not the hopeless. While browsing the web I found the Smoking wheelie bin in Yambo, and the photo sat me back in awe.  I was inspired by the maddog's attitude towards the life - by the magical transformation that took place due his courage to look at life with love: while viewing at the dustbin I smelt the flowers... I hope you will visit this wonderful blog too and enjoy its stories, which could be defined the best as the visual application of love to the practice of day-to-day life.
Do you remind what helps us to overcome the threatening silence of the street?


A.J.Johnson said...

Outstanding thoughts for this day or any day...I will visit the blog. Best Regards, A.J.

ybonesy said...

Gorgeous photo!