a house on a windowsill

What you see here is the photo of a house on a windowsill. Do you want it wrapped?

The wrapping would create the illusion of something worthy unwrapping . The stylish package should hide the reality of the dark windows near the sparkling center of the town. Thus the creative framing transform the ordinary picture into the famous artwork...

It would be good if we could decorate our Christmas tree not with the the artificial smiles or the wondrous handworks but day-to-day grateful walk.
While most of us think only of ourselves, God creates the miracle during each Mass.
The Mass puts clearly that following Jesus and carrying His cross is not something we all should do, but the most desirable gift to us. So let's experience that greatest happiness by helping the weaker and welcoming the unknown other as ourselves.
That's the message of the art by Tomas.

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