passionate silence

Welcome to my Picture Gallery

I hope you enjoyed this slide show. Unfortunately these pictures composed my farewell to the world. I say so, because the costly equipment is needed to put my visions into the digital artworks for I could share my visual thoughts with you for a free...
While earning nothing I lived on faith alone... Your nice feedbacks were my only supporters. Your interest in my works enabled me to arrange many. Thank you. Unfortunately Art by Tomas earned nothing in the readies, and therefore the jobless artist became out of artistic materials.   Thus the farewell approached. 
Time from time, I wrote about my need (asked for the support), yet received only the compliments for the beauty of my writings... Thus my apologies for my visual stories wouldn't please you any more, and that's  all I can to do at a moment.
I do not know how long the blogspot.com would keep Art by Tomas on a web. Yet you are welcomed to browse my archives till then.

Sincerely yours
Tomas Karkalas

I would greatly appreciate your support.
Thank you.


A.J.Johnson said...

This post has a wonderful collection of images.

Tomas said...

Thank you, dear A.J.Johnson. I am happy you liked the pictures. Unfortunately, they are my farewell to art by Tomas

Leslie said...

Hi Tomas- Thanks for coming by my blog. I have neglected it for quite some time now and don't have the daily followers that I once had. I enjoyed looking at your blog and all the photos and art. Very nice, very peaceful and spiritual.