Art by Tomas anniversary

Each time Art by Tomas blog loads on my screen, the widget How much love? looks at me from the sidebar and asks "Do I have something important to say?''
Thus blogging helps me to awake to the fact that it is time to take action. Then I put on my best suit for to take the litters out of my room.

This page celebrates its anniversary today and wish good day to all from Top Sites Tuesday.
Welcome to my gallery. Hope you will like the pictures and the artworks will illuminate your day.

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The purpose of this Meme is to encourage
Networking  between bloggers to have fun while doing it!
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thoughts said...

dear tomas,
they really do illuminate the day and heart.
happy anniversary!

J. M. P. said...

Happy anniversary to your blog, Tomas! Your artworks are fascinating and they really brighten me. I especially like the picture gallery, and how your use of colour conveys meaning. Thank you for taking action and sharing your art!

Rana Sinha said...

Happy anniversary! Great art you give us, thanks.

Sandee said...

Happy Anniversary Tomas. :)

Unknown said...

Hello Tomas, and Happy Anniversary. Love your site.