the fabulous dream at the fireplace

The fireplace associates with the dream in gathering family together when it is so cold outside. The fairy tales revive in the flames and the fabulous shadows start to sing the lullabies  which are already forgotten in our modern world. The eternal truths rock world logic. Thus the photography of the wrapped slice of bred on the kitchen table blossomed out with the new meaning. Just look on above. Do you hear the silence? See yourself in the picture?

I edited my post  Kiss Metamorphosis by adding my photo-painting Let it be Thus. Hope you will enjoy my memoirs.

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Paul said...

The colours, tones, and words that accompany the image, make it very relaxing to look at.

Reetha said...

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TOMAS said...

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Reetha said...

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Reetha said...

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One Creative Queen said...

This piece is gorgeous - I really love it!! I hope you are well. xx

BURAOT said...

this is very dream-like Thomas. ;)

anyhoo, i had your site on batch #3. sorry i didn't have a chance to let you know.

once in a while, i do a maintenance check and take out inactive sites. so i move up other friendly sites to a lower numbered batch for better exposure.


Linda Hammelman said...

Tomas, you have such vision and such heart! I love seeing your new expressions.

Sadia said...

It's simply beautiful! Indeed a fabulous dream!