confrontation with windfall

As you click on the picture below, the painting will be enlarged. That is  confrontation with windfall.

 Here is a story of 60x80 cm digital image:
once upon a time...there was an apple on my table. It was washed and safe to eat (free from dirt and any musings on life) . That was the challenging vision that forced me to take the paintbrush. The fruit had no story worthy to mention prior I started to paint it. The apple was just something to eat. Now  everything look otherwise. There is nothing to eat, but you can dream over meaning of life at the colorful canvas.  Wow, just magical transformation took part: while looking at the artwork I am not starving and lack nothing at a moment. I looked around once again and named the fruit the windfall (so I linked my personal story to the delicious fruit that I used as the nature to my drawing: Windfall is one of my nicknames)

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Natural Moments said...

The apple is like biting into knowledge or a feeling that wants to be expressed. You felt this vibration and manifested it into being through your painting.

The knowledge is therefore released, because it has been realized.

The windfall is the moving spirit that passed through you so that it could be made manifest on earth. Therefore, the spirit has been transduced into these lower dimensions from the higher dimensions.

Its very beautiful.