mother bee upside down

Our willingness to listen transforms rough voice of the banners into the lovely music – changes banner headlines to mysterious depth of fine arts. Thus digital painting Mother Bee Upside Down has a chance to knock on the heart :

This digital painting introduces mother bee upside down. Is that the imitation of the sunbeam’s fall unto the ground, or a failure of the composition? Should I rejoice at divine generosity, or weep for my weakness to reflect the truth- to see the light in the darkness? Despite hard questions, it is easy to recognize the blossom of the flower in that abstract composition. My daughter said its summer time.

This may look like painting for the sake of painting indeed, yet a glimpse at a mirror urges not to hurry with such conclusion. While I rejoiced over the dazzling light of inner peace and was grateful therefore to God, I also saw my bodily sickness and was grateful for the time to listen and to hear the poetry of people with disabilities, who were smiling despite the physical restrictions to share their glorious message. Let’s look at the picture once again.
Is it the bee or the artwork upside down? 
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Linda Lubin said...

Tomas, your writing and art work are a true gift. Thank you for the beauty you bring here.