Last Glimpse

painting LAST GLIMPSE by Tomas Karkalas 2010
People are used to talk nicely and that looks wise. So you see not the complaints for the arrival of the sunset, but my painting Last Glimpse on above and are free to visualize it on a wall of your room. The print in its original size (65x71 cm) should look well there and inspire the dreams about the world where all words mean just what they mean, where the truth do not hide under the mask of symbols and need to interpret her ... wow! fine arts transform the reality into the fantasy that prompt the dreams....
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Allison Reece said...

Awesome photography! Such a delight. And terrific blog.
Allison Reece

sandy said...

ahh very beautiful.

Unknown said...

Gosh this is stunning!! You should spread this around for Mother's Day next week!

Shooting My Journey x