Picture Quiz

This is my last picture and it is a quiz. What is the message of this image? Is it just a photo reminder about the urgent need to restore the pavement or a portrait of the encounter with the ages underfoot? Do you see the rubble in the photo or the artistic faces?
Lets remind a saying "you get what you see" We may face quite opposite realities, but they both will be not a wild fantasy but the marks of our choice. Now I must to confess that I fear a bit the shots I am taking on my daily walk, yet they warm the heart with the identification of life in the outwardly dead surfaces.
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Richard Klekociuk said...

Hi Tomas, I saw a small face (centre-right) when I first looked at your image. I saw a much larger face when I looked for a second time.
Images like this are great for one's imagination.
Thank you for making me 'look' at your art.

Liggybee said...

Interesting...the "face" I see is looking towards the left. To me, it even almost looks like it could be a masked warrior (such as from the Greek and Roman legends).

Joseph JG said...

I see the tiny face in the centre-right! I also see a large, muscular face looking to the left. I also see the profile of a skull looking to the right in top right corner, his chin is resting right atop the tiny, centre right face.

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Tomas,

As always, great picture. I saw the rubble in the photo, being a contractor I noticed the cracked pavement nut never considered it artistically as "a portrait of the encounter with the ages underfoot" Well said!


Trina said...

I saw the faces then as I scrolled down the picture I noticed the cracked pavement. I truely like seeing things in everyday objects, like the faces and objects in this photo that are not what is really in the photo.

Thank you for stretching my imagination today :)

Happy Tuesday!

Mike said...

great photograph, Tomas. As with your paintings,there is a side that must be sought out. I see the clash of the ages, and I see nature winning. As we were, we will be again. Thanks for the journey this morning, my friend, and glad to see you are putting your camera to good use.

Gina Alfani said...

Shattered, yet still intact and beautiful . . . like many of our lives.

Admin said...

wow very nice photos here. Thanks for sharing

Kimmy said...

Things break over time, however are they deemed "useless", or just worn. Or, the better word, "intact" as Gina commented. I think about people's houses that I visit. "Family" rooms with flawless carpet. Does flawless mean perfect? Or does stains and wear show use or wear and tear?

And also...

"The road less traveled" is a learning process. Until then, we trudge through what people already walked and experienced. It's not a horrible thing to take the common road. It's also okay to broaden your paths and try a new route as well!


Catch My Words said...

Interesting way to look at what most of us do not notice.