wet touch

digital painting Wet Touch by Tomas Karkalas
Some enjoy the pictures, therefore I am putting my Wet Touch here. Thank you for the viewing. Blogging enabled me to experience the 300 artworks jubilee.

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Richard Klekociuk said...

I love the composition in this painting, Tomas. The softness and blurring of the various components stir my imagination and I enjoyed the experience of viewing your latest work.

Wolfbernz said...

Yes this one is very nice. The softness yet the colors run wild... So many it makes one see many different things in this painting.

Very nice, Click for you.


Trina said...

How delightful! I really like the blend of colors with no real definition or shape, it lets the mind wander :)


Art of RetroCollage said...

Thank you for sharing this painting. It is a wonderful exploration of the Field of Infinite Possibilities, yet it is light-hearted also. It's an honor to see this.

Catch My Words said...

Interesting contrast.