catch the light

I see today's Top Sites Tuesday theme as a key to the wonderland of the eternal light...or a miracle of color, eye-to-eye meeting with oneself . All the above reveal what "My Favorite thing about Fall is..." is about. In Autumn, the images that surround us reflect not a season, but our dealing with time, and the below sketch proves that, isn't it?

What's interesting in this artwork?

I am going to write as about the location of the picture as what I had in mind by talking about the key in my next post. Yet I hope you already see that in the picture.
It would be lovely to hear your comments. I would greatly appreciate your constructive feedback.
Thank you.

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yanjiaren said...

Absolutely beautiful. I will check out your blog for many more Divine pieces..I am in bed with neck pain and shoulder problems and seeign this is very soothign to my heart too. Thank you and God bless.

Anonymous said...

That's really cool, Some nice work there. Sent you a click.

Duncan said...

I just noticed the comment you left me on my blog (evolutionofintrospection.blogspot.com). I just wanted to say thanks, and it would be wonderful to have a deep conversation about life with you sometime. Feel free to share your thoughts with me any time and we can just have a discussion that way!

By the way, I love your photos. They are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I like this piece of your art work, and just want to let you know that I appreciate your comment on my blog!

Dietmar Nass said...

Tomas, your art touches me very deep in the inside. It's more than just beautiful. It's magical. You and your art are a great gift for all people. Thank you very much.

Tomas said...

Dear Dietmar Nass
Thank you for the wonderful feedback. God bless you. Thank you dear Dietmar Nass.
It would be so fine to have your link. Unfortunately I see just your name and have the reply button.
Can You give me your address? I would like to read your page.

Dietmar Nass said...

Hi Tomas,
I think you can see my facebook site if you click on my picture. My blog is: http://netdns.typepad.com.
All the best