true friend

I named this photo the true friend. Thus the ground underfoot  was honored and rewarded me with  silent yet omnipotent support:  each time my eyes fall down now, the wonderful visions awake since then and dry up my tears.
I am glad to confess the above truth, yet have I the right to name her the artwork? Though this pick is my indeed, but I myself am picked up. When we talk about our handicrafts, we can either rejoice over human creativity, or try to edit what was done already. My true friend is free from the above ambiguity, his eyes are always lifted up.
So to speak, the photo gifted a key to life to me, and I am proud of sharing that precious keyword with you now: Do you know God's name?


amzolt said...

This is one of your Best!!! the words with it are uplifting!!!!

Thom said...

Thank you for stopping by my playground. I do appreciate it. Your photo is just wonderful. I love it. Have a great day. Rabbit, rabbit

BK said...

Tomas, thank you for stopping by my page and for your kind comment. Have a wonderful weekend.

postpartumillness.com said...

Commenting from the challenge. Very creative and pretty photos.


Christina Wigren said...

There is beauty, pattern and colour all around us. Your photos and watercolours show this. Thank you for letting me take a look.
Best wishes
Christina Wigren

Michelle Riggs said...

I love your pictures!

Thank you so much for praying for my daughter, Abby.


Anonymous said...

Hello Tomas!
I enjoyed your post.
I'm stopping by to thank you for taking part in the comment challenge this month. Take care.

ジェニー (Jenny) said...

great post and love the photo!

// visiting from 1000 comment challenge!

sil said...

nice pictures,yes