The cost of beauty

Not art colors, but the attitude of the people towards life values defines the cost of beauty on our day-to-day walk. While all peaople admire the flowers, not the blossom but the way of the presentation of the flowers warm the heart of the recipient.
So what do you see on above? Is that just an artWORK or ... the heart?

While wandering around my town, I was just pierced by  the encounter with that view. Once upon a time a tree bloomed here... and so I did once upon a time. Yet in the photo on above you see just the remnants now...not the famous art therapist, whose words are worthy pondering,  but just the disabler's plead for help...
Unfortunately, while talking nicely about the spirituality and just incredible power of the sense of the oneness of humanity to influence our life for better, the world dismiss the beggars....and that's right. I TOO just feared myself now. Just think. While there are lots of people who have no shelter and starve, I have dared to dream about the costly apparatus for recording my own visions and addressed you for the help. Was it not a pinnacle of  the selfishness?
It is easy to talk about Fine art, to read the stories True Friend, or Street Encounters, but  it's ugly to listen to the weeping of the artist, who worries for his own impotence to continue his shows.

Excuse me please.

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