The Resurrection

- F.Scott Fitzgerald

I have read the Happy Quote and looked around. Thus the photo you see on above have appeared. My memory was awaken...see here. Yet the question is this beauty or the weed? doesn't  bother me now.  I have looked at myself  and my house through the lenses of what was mastered by me while blogging :  the comments we are leaving on others posts, define the hits we are receiving.
I was happy to accept Harriet's Comment Challenge. Art by Tomas put the dreaming about the Heavenly Peace into the practice of my day-to-day walk.


alessandra said...

Hi Thomas,
I read this phrase lately and I liked it a lot....how can grass grow through asphalt? because it doesn't know it's impossible.
Have a nice day.

Carmellita said...

Beautiful work here Tomas. I truly believe you are a wonderful and imaginative artist. Continue your conscious creativity and bringing beauty to the world.