digital questions

This digital painting strive to look as wet watercolor. While some of you may remind my picture why does sunlight turn pale? or  listen to autumn melody once again- while you may recognize your pet and yourself in the picture, or have the laugh on dirty sketch...personally I was asked, what did I strive to  imitate? Had I any goal at all, or just enjoyed the play? What do I want to share with you? These digital questions convulsed and thus awakened me. 
As I submit my artwork to AlphaInventions, my creation will receive hundreds of clicks in minutes. I know that for sure. Yet what would be your word of mouth?
During my time in hospital, I encountered with just incredible abundance of the questions. That was the new experience, but the harmony wasn't destroyed (I lost ability to respond anyhow) .... It would be fine to continue, yet I should stop here now, because the doctor came in and the visitation has started. Isn't that symbolical?

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