my story

Recently I asked where is Butterfly, and Dorothy  from grammology replied "high above the trees and wet grounds..."
That address didn't changed despite all transformations which I had luck to witness. What where the tall trees once upon a time became the impotent to cast a shadow memories now. Have a look at them once again. That's my story. What you see in the picture is what I face each day at the entrance into my new house. Though THAT disguises as a stump, I see a mirror of my life in him - I recognize myself in this stump underfoot. Plus I see myself amidst the multitude of the representatives of the underground wonderland ... We all are longing for the Butterfly and therefore see Him in one other already now. This picture, as well as these that were mentioned on above, witness my journey home - art by Tomas


Liggy said...

What an interesting photo! You could look at the photo and imagine so many different things! At one glance, it almost seemed like an aerial shot of an island. Then again, it also looked like a stone up close. There are so many ways to look at things...and I read from your post, that is definitely so true.

Tomas said...

Dear Liggy, Thank you for the wonderful feedback. It was so fine to hear you liked my work. Yet I rejoiced the most at your mastery to see the different things here. The above is the key to go beyond the picture - to enjoy not a sheet of a picture, but the light of life that the picture humbly reflects.