the wanderer

Today's artwork The Wanderer continues a cycle of my pictures On a Road.

While each new work adds something new to the theme, the puzzles did not vanish from sight. The questions knock on the heart stronger with each new step. While it was fine to talk about the love and reason about the creativity, it became hard to define a state of the current affairs...

I was to pass by a beggar and silently moved by the bondman at the entrance to a shop. But my heart was thundering. I had the nothing to give to him -my own pockets were empty.

Nobody blamed me, yet that was even worse - I had no chance to explain my behavior.

The invisible disabilities are much harder than life in a wheel chair, for example. Everything is clear to everyone there.

Yet let's return to the Wanderer - look at the picture on above.

The pictures do not bite, but hide the painful ambiguity under the colorful mystery. Thus the artworks warm the heart when she has the nothing to rejoice at... Let that be my New Year's Greetings to you.
Yes, it is still the November but let me jump over a time to be the first to greet you. I am saying so because I am going to turn off my computer because ...I do not want to spot your joy with sad stories. I do not want to muse on what it means to live without work and a penny in a pocket. Let you never experience any kind of disability (my reality).

 As I have no cash so no exhibitions will be arranged...
Nevertheless you will have a chance to enjoy my pictures in the archives as here as on all my other six blogs. Be happy my dear.


aulawi said...

very abstract picture Mr. Tomas, but nice n i like the title "the wanderer" :)

Comedy Plus said...

It is indeed beautiful. I'm sorry that you are having such a rough time though. It seems so many are in this horrible economy. I hope things get better for you soon Tomas. :)

A.J.Johnson said...

Thomas, It is beautiful, I can see why you gave it the title "The Wanderer". It no doubt speaks to those who view it on all levels of thought.

Tomas said...

Thank you for the wonderful feedback dear A.J.Johnson.
Your words made my day.
I would like to see your page. I visualize the wonderful texts, unfortunately I can't see your link
You are welcomed to my other blogs. WordPress enables us to keep more close contacts. Hope to meet you there soon. So just click on http://arthiker.wordpress.com/

A.J.Johnson said...

Tomas, I checked and did not find a reason for you to not view my link on my system. It is http://writeandrewrite.blogspot.com
If you do not want this address in your comments feel free to delete when you monitor. :o)