lonely optimist

While many mourn they destiny and fear the future,  I did't experience any dullness, but enjoy life that is free from any monotony: my chair by the window will be replaced by the hospital bed today. I can just to guess what Tomorrow is going to gift to me. So the picture on a top makes clear life is beautiful, isn't it? For example, just look here... or here... Hope you will enjoy too and speak your mind . Thank you.


Belinda Munoz said...

I love your blog! The title of this particular post speaks to me for reasons I can't quite put my finger on. Your bio/peofile is so full of wisdom and your talent and passion shine through in your art. Thank you! Keep sharing!
Belinda Munoz

aulawi ahmad said...

yes it is...How did a crop grow in the stone. showed the strength and the wish lived that was strong :)

Rana Sinha said...

Wonderful posts you have and your words are seeped in wisdom. I've noticed that we have many different streams of thoughts and thought processes going on inside us. We can choose which ones to identify with. You obviously choose to identify with clarity. This brings such wisdom and beauty to your work. Thanks for sharing with us. All the best to you. Cheers! Rana

Anonymous said...

I do not want to mourn my destiny or fear my future.

I hope all is well in your world Tomas. :)

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