City Silence

Each picture has a story and the title. That's life reality we encounter with and the interpretation of what we choose to see.
So while looking at the City Silence, I questioned myself  was such possible at all? Can the city be silent?
The tree wounds catch the eye and look pictorially, yet such nature can't attract or inspire any. It is likewise with the photo on above. Though people with the disabilities (the sick and chronically ill - the retired) may easily identify themselves with the image and enjoy the photo as a symbol, the picture may be labeled as the kitsch / weak as the artwork- unworthy a penny ....like the beggars on a street. The stories of the dependent heroes are prominent only in  the books with hard covers on our bookshelf.
So what's City Silence? Just a shot or what you hear inside?

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Liggy said...

Actually, what I see is a hole being plugged up. To me that could represent a forced silence or oppression.

You see, when I look at that tree, I see a hole that once was a place where critters could freely move in and out of. But it's closed up with something. So now the critters have no freedom to move about there any longer.

Trina said...


The trick isn't to wonder if the City is Silent, it's to find the Silence in the city.


Wolfbernz said...

Hi Tomas
Silence is a state of mind. One can be in a crowded city and be so involved and not hear anything.Other times in the same situation the noise can be over whelming. As in the wounds of the tree in the right state of mind you can here and feel what has happened but at a glace there is nothing there is only the tree.

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