photo knock on heart

As you recognize the knowledge tree in these trunks, you may  ask yourselves, where are the blossom (the fruits)?  Thus I named this picture the knock on heart.
While the above looked as the challenge, the photo story enabled me to relax. I grasped  that my daily headaches were nothing new under a sun, so why should I worry over the proper definition to these works?
Others will choose the titles....and others will enjoy the picture of love


Ana Goncalves said...

Dear Tomas,
I see and feel the love you mean very much in the existence of this beautiful photograph. It's a very powerful picture as it is, and I think that is what great energy constitutes of, just seeing things as they are.
Hope you are well.

maitrilibellule said...

Tomas dearheart,

I thought that this was so beautiful that I just shared it on my Facebook page.

Blessings and love to you,


Art of RetroCollage said...

Exactly! Just keep making beautiful art, & leave it to others to make what they will of the artwork & titles. Your job is done when you send your art out into the world.