Patient observer

A list of wood products looks as the numberless. Many enjoy that fine building material, yet how many of us recall that the trees weep if some snaps their branch?
The trees experience the same pain as we do when hurt our fingers. Likewise the flowers...the blossoms not only look fine but also talk- intercommunicate/inform each other about the people who are looking at them.
Thus a tree illustrates either our business or the morality, and the photography on above overburdens the viewers with the numberless questions.

The above may look like a mess, thus the wish to remove one's eyes would look natural, yet the picture from underfoot knocks on the heart. Do you see the portrait gallery there too? More I looked at the picture, more portraits were recognized. The dirt and dust disappeared - the picture transformed into a mirror.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Tomas -

As always, I find your work intriguing ... but I often wonder how you come up with titles. For example, why is this Patient Observer? It's not something that would have occurred to me.

Bud aka Older Eyes

Cacai M. said...

I just clicked it!

By the way, you have a great photography. I love how it was taken and seems like the second picture turn into a rainbow in some of its area. It looks so cool! About the trees, yeah they're hurt when they're cut or whatsoever but they are made for construction and stuffs like that so, that's its rule here in earth.. ;-) But when the trees are abused, well, I will be sad and got mad because they are not supposed to be treated as that. So then, have a great Tuesday!

Come and visit My Two Two Thoughts On Tuesday 3 entry. See yah.. :)

Trina said...

I love your use of color in the photos.

And I love the portrait galley in the second photo, I took a moment to stare open-minded... beautiful.

Happy Tuesday!