Finish the Sentence

I would like to... thank for my remaining alive till now. I'm grateful for the ability to speak and joy to listen and hear you.

The above confession was made as my reply to BlogDumps  request to finish the sentence "I would like to...." As I listened to these fruits of my own lips, I saw the text in between the lines as a perfect title to the photo The Aged, which looks at you from the bottom of this post now. The picture enables as me as all possible its viewers to muse on... life and art / to dive into the world of hot emotions and wise symbols- to enjoy the metaphors that may come to mind while viewing.
Yet in reality this post was inspired not by my wish to portray all above to you , but to thank Top Sites Tuesday for the challenging theme (finish the sentence) that helped me to look at myself once again. I saw just my own emotions and didn't find any names of my beloved in the thanks I put on a web. That was awful, yet I am so grateful for the above experience, because the comprehension of  my selfishness enabled me to address the doctor . Thus Blogdumps as if put me on a road of recovery....Thank you!

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Wolfbernz said...

That was awesome Tomas. I am glad you are part of the BlogDumps community :D

All the best

Clicks for you!

Trina said...

We are happy to have you join us on Tuesdays too.

Aren't we all on the road to recovery?


Anonymous said...

Tomas -

Amazing photo ... touching way to finish the sentence. Click ...

Bud aka Older Eyes